• Come to the most colorful spring party in Zagreb!
    Along with spring , the city is blooming with new interesting events ! This Friday , 04.04.2014 . , In club Sax ( Palmoticeva 22 /2) will be held an Indian Body Art Party .
  • (HR) Dođite na Tattoo Party u petak, 31.01.2014., u Bikers Beer Factory!
  • Fantastic Zagreb and Kryolan special effects make-up workshop
    This year we proudly present our special effects movie make-up Kryolan workshop!
  • Secret Zagreb tours
  • Oblivion contest
    Oblivion, an action science fiction film starring Tom Cruise, is playing in our theatres and we are taking you to see it. Thanks to our sponsor Cinestar and our partner SF portal you will get a chance to win tickets
  • Gricevanje has begun
    This year Gricevanje has turned into a full-fledged pop culture festival!
  • Fantastic Sudnji dan
    For all you devoted Fantastic Zagreb fans who worry about the last day on Earth and where to spend it - we have a solution: Fantastic Sudji dan party!
  • ‘Sudnji dan’ winners and new owners od FZFF tickets
    Sudnji dan, an independent festival of creative communications, in partnership with Fantastic Zagreb film festival, was held on Friday. Over 500 entries were submitted to the contest, and 13 of them won prizes, including our own prize – the week ticket to the festival.