Secret Zagreb tours

Ghost tour or Sleeping dragon? You will see a different side of Zagreb with Iva Silla, the author of Secret Zagreb Walks blog. She will show you dragons, ghosts, witches and all other creatures which make Zagreb so fantastic.

With Zagreb Ghost Tour join our quest to find the long forgotten souls. First Zagreb ghost tour will guide you through Zagreb after dark and introduce you to some of the most eerie places and mystical residents of this city. Haunted mansions, abandoned graveyards, curses and apparitions… Sweet old Zagreb has it all.

Take the Sleeping Dragon Tour to discover ancient “reptilian” folk lore, learn a couple of interesting facts about the strangest society around, and meet some sculpted snakes and dragons of Zagreb. Learn some esoteric mysteries and remain in hope that the sleeping dragon will not wake up during your stay in Zagreb…They say there are tunnels under the medieval part of Zagreb, that lead to the old castle of Medvedgrad, on the mount above the city. Somewhere deep inside these tunnels, cursed snake queen has jealously been guarding the lost treasure of Medvedgrad for centuries. That’s just one of many snake legends of Zagreb.

Fantastic Zagreb is taking you to these tourd for free. To win tickets visit our Facebook page or come to our screenings.


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