Gricevanje has begun
This year Gricevanje has turned into a full-fledged pop culture festival!

It is going to be held on the roof of the Tuškanac garage between 4th and 14th April. Our Invisible man will be there, distributing tickets for Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival. At Gričevanje, we can expect excellent free concerts, such as Bambi Molesters, Psihomodo Pop presenting their latest album, Damir Urban, and many demo bands in the program “Gričevanje is Seeking Fresh Blood”, i.e. the “Demonique” demo band competition, giving new bands a push to get their footing on the music scene. Gradec awaits us with music, various kinds of rakija (brandy) and spooky storytelling about the witches of Grič. Two more competitions have been organized: “A Horribly Good Story,” for the best horror story, and “A Horribly Good Title Sequence”, which is “intended for amateurs or professionals engaged in film, animation, programming, video mapping or other techniques and skills for processing images and sound”, as announced by Art Director of Gričevanje Emil Matešić. Co-founder and Director of Fantastic Zagreb Stjepan Hundić will be one of the judges evaluating the best title sequence. The winner will be given a chance to make a trailer for the next edition of Gričevanje. Gričevanje will thus mark the official beginning of spring in Zagreb, which also means lots of open-air festivals.

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