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About festival

One of the most attractive film festivals in the region, Fantastic Zagreb, is going to be even better this summer! 6th edition of Fantastic Zagreb is going to start od June 30th and going to last for 10 unforgettable days, until July 9th. Science Fiction, thrillers, horrors, short movies and much more awaits film enthusiasts in Europe Cinema, CineStar Zagreb Branimir Centre and Tuškanac Summer Stage. Of course, we are continuing the festival’s tradition and yet again giving you the opportunity to see films in the unforgettable ambient of Medvedgrad fortress! In 10 festival days you will be able to see 50 films in different program sections: Orient Express, Panorama, Midnight Madness, Americana, Short Program, etc. Due to your interest in past editions we are continuing with the popular Happy Birthday program and showing famous film classics, some of them being 60 years old!

FZFF 2016, My-Neighbor-Totoro

This year we are also celebrating a huge jubilee of famous Hayao Miyazaki – his 75th birthday. Remember his undisputable talent watching Princess Monokoke, Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. Miyazaki’s carrier started over 5 decades ago, and his first big success was “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” in 1984. After this success he founded Studio Ghibli, which became one of the biggest names in animation throughout the world. Miyazaki’s films are characterized with beautiful animation, fantastic worlds, beloved characters as well as the authors continence about the preservation of nature, justice, ethics, moral and humane vision of the world and our lives.

CA.SU.Mononoke.1219.HO––**EXCLUSIVE**Slide# 15Scene from "Princess Mononoke." NEED I.D.sPhoto/Art by:Handout Art