Fantastic Sudnji dan
For all you devoted Fantastic Zagreb fans who worry about the last day on Earth and where to spend it - we have a solution: Fantastic Sudji dan party!

When: Friday 21.12., from 8pm
Where: Džamija, HDLU, Trg žrtava fašizma bb
Why: because it’s going to be the best ‘end of the world day’ ever
Admission: free

Come to ‘Sudnji dan’ – the biggest Croatian independent festival of creative communications and see all those unforgettable products that will make us happy we had a chance to live on this planet. Later, we’ll wash away our sadness about the soon-to-come end of the world in Katran, Radnička cesta 27 from 10pm with DJ Tom’s music. Let’s greet the morning together. If it comes.

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